Large/New Advent crossover schematics

After searching out all the various posts here, I'm convinced that rebuilding the crossovers on my New Advents would gain a significant improvement. However, I've not been able to locate a complete schematic for the crossover - only partials. Does anyone here know where I might find one?

Conversely, if anyone knows of a crossover circuit that would be an improvement over the OEM one, I'd consider going that route. It would have to come pretty highly recommended, though, for me to second guess Mr. Kloss...

A place to start may be the Advent Classic Pages .

For repairs to Advent Speakers, the place to go is:

AB Tech Services
Toll free: 1-800-225-9847
Local: 1-508-478-9800
Fax: 1-508-478-9816

Regards, Rich
Thanks Rich,

That's a better schematic than I was finding, provided the Advent "Utility" uses the same crossover as the Large/New Advent. I searched their discussion forums and links for recommendations on rebuild parts and saw only that electrolytic caps should be used - nothing on the resistors or the coils. Any thoughts there?

Also, I'm considering taken the tweeter switch out of the circuit, but wondering if "normal" is really the flattest position...