Large monitor/small floorstander suggestions?

I am considering a change in speakers and would appreciate some nominations in this category. I am trying to find something that I can shelf mount (on very sturdy shelves capable of holding 75+ pounds easily) that can convey the impact and scale more typical of floorstanders. Some other parameters:
- <$1k used
- Relatively small "footprint" of around 15"d x 9"w or less.
- Nice woodwork/high WAF
- Tolerant of placement very close to the back wall (rear port is probably out).

I am using a Consonance B2000x integrated, around 125 wpc/8ohms so I think power probably will not be an issue for this category of speaker.
My listening preferences are a lively and detailed presentation, soundstaging is also a priority.
I listen to a very wide variety of music, any suggestions appreciated.

Take a look at the Paradigm Studio Series awesome speakers for the money.

The Studio 20 might be perfect for your bookshelf.
If you can find them used, you may want to try the Consonance Eric-3 floorstanders... Very slim and shallow profile makes them take up no more space than a standmount. Quite impressive sound... They go for under 2K new, so I would figure 1K used would be about right...

New, you should check out the Consonance Eric-1s at just under 1K... They are my favorite standmounts in the 1K and below range... *Very* impressive sound coming from these inexpensive speakers...

Try a used pair of Meadowlark Krestral's. They are a small floorstanding speaker. I had the Shearwater Hotrod's before I stepped up to the Silverline Audio Sonata III. The Meadowlarks are impressive for their cost.
626R's. Best place for more information is the VMPS forum at A must hear. Here's a couple of reviews:
The 626R (non-BCSE) review by Steve Lefkowicz from Positive Feedback Online

The New Brian Cheney Signature Edition 626R review by John Beavers from Positive Feedback Online
I have a pair of speakers currently for sale on audiogon that would do the trick. They are Roksan RokOne bookshelf speakers. I'd put them up against the paradigm studio 40 series 3 (owned a pair) or B&W DM 603 (also owned these) They are very musical and dynamic and the price used, is a real steel....look mine up..these speakers are very underrated.
You can't leave out Totem Acoustic Arro floor standing speakers in this case. You can find numerous reviews on this tiny floor stander on the web and magazines. If small size and musicality are your top priorities, put these speakers on top of your list. You can find them often under $1000 used here on Audiogon. Oh, the footprint is 5"W x 7"D. Is that small enough for ya? :)