Large mid/bass, soft-dome tweeter, high(ish) sensitivity

Hi everyone,


I’m looking for speakers with the above characteristics. By "large" mid/bass, I mean at least 8 inches, though less than 15. I mostly listen at low volumes, below 70db, so I want something that can come on song with ease, hence the larger driver and higher sensitivity. My room is also pretty reflective, with the rear wall almost entirely windows, so I’m looking for something with a forgiving treble response. I should also add that I'd prefer to keep the price ~$2000.


Wharfedale Linton seems to check most of these boxes, but I’m wondering if there’s something else out there that I’m missing. Let me know!




My room is also highly reflective, both front and back wall lots of glass. I love my Emerald Physics 3.4s are truly amazing, There is also a version of it adding a 15"  and another with 2 @ 15". If you're patient they come up from time to time. Very efficient, open baffle. See my Virtual Systems for a picture: scroll down to the bottom of any forum page, or click on my UN/Avatar