Large Center Ch Wall/Ceiling mounting?

       I'm looking for a good method to position my Magnepan CC3 center ch speaker (36"W x11"H x 5.5"D) in a position on the same plane as, and just above, my flat panel hdtv.     

      My ht system is in a 23' x 16' living room with an 8' ceiling. My 65" hdtv is wall mounted in the middle of one of the 16' walls The tv mount telescopes out from the wall so that the front plane of the tv is 3' out from the front 16' wall behind it.  A pair of Magnepan 2.7qr speakers (6' x2' panels) straddle the tv and their front planes are about 4' from the 16' wall behind them.
       My issue is that I had to compromise on the optimum positioning of my CC3, which I believe to be on the same plane as and just above my tv with a slight downward angle to point directly at my listening position that is along my room's 16' wall directly opposite my tv and center ch. spkr. My CC3 is currently located on a 38"W x8"D shelf I installed just above my tv but on the 16' wall behind it.
     There are 2 issues with its current position:  1. The speaker is positioned against the 16' wall about 3' behind the tv when the tv's mount is telescoped maximally away from the 16' wall. Although it is angled at a slight downward angle toward my listening position by the proper configuring the CC3's 4 adjustable footer heights, the front plane of the speaker is still about 3' behind the front plane of my tv and my front l+r Magnepan 2.7qr mains speakers that straddle the tv.   2. The CC3 is a dipole speaker but is located with its back almost against the 16' wall behind it. Magnepan recommends the CC3 not be placed with its back directly against a wall for optimum performance. 
     I'm hoping for good solutions other members have used when positioning their large Magnepan CC3/CC5, or really any large center ch speaker, in the proper position. 
Thanks in advance,

I've been looking at possible solutions for wall mounting my CC3 and, since there's been a lack of suggestions from members, I thought I would give an update by detailing the best solution I've come up with thus far:

     I believe the Omnimount Play25X LCD hdtv wall mount may be able to have the CC3 mounted to it and position the center ch speaker about 3' out from my front wall and centered just above my hdtv.  Here's a link to the Play25X mount on Amazon  

     This mount looks like a good candidate because it's designed for tvs up to 25 lbs and the CC3 weighs 20 lbs,  it has the ability to be pointed at a slight downward angle towards my listening position and it has a hdtv metal mounting plate at the end of its 2nd arm that I think can be used, in conjunction with the 3 T-nuts that already exist on the top and bottom of the CC3 just underneath its fabric, to attach the CC3. 
    My thought is that these 1/4" x 20" thread T-nuts could be used to attach the CC3 to the Play25X's metal tv mounting plate.   I know that the T-nuts on the CC3 each consists of a threaded 1/4" metal barrel firmly attached to the speaker but I'm not very familiar with the various ways they can be utilized to attach the CC3 to the mount's metal plate.
     This is where I need help from anyone who is more familiar with T-nuts than I am.
     Can anyone tell me how the CC3's top and bottom center T-nuts (3 that are located on the left, center and right side on the bottom and top) can be utilized to securely attach the speaker to the wall mount's steel plate.  Ideally, I was thinking a strong strap that could be channelled through the steel plate that had bolts on each end that could be screwed into the T-nut barrels until this strap was taut and secure.

Thank you,