Laptop versus server

I'm still using a Macbook loaded with Pure Music, but I keep thinking about getting a server, particularly one of the Aurender models. On purely sonic grounds, would it be worth it to make the switch?
I cannot speak about Aurender-type machines, but I did change from laptop to optimized PC server, both running JRiver, and the sound improvement was very noticeable. Worth the price? That depends how much is money worth to you. It is worth switching for me.

BTW, it will also depend on what DAC you run. Some are more sensitive to the feeding machine/cable than others.
I used a MacBook Pro with Amarra and an off ramp 4 USB converter before I switched to a Salk Stream music server. It's a Linux based, totally stripped down computer that only plays music files. It come with an internal 2 TB hard drive to store all you files and it connects to your server. It's been a life saver for me. My old set up was glitchy and I hated having the computer on all the time to listen to music. Best of all it sounds so much better, it's rock solid stable, and I control it using a ipad, Mpad app. The streamer costs about $1200 and the app is $3.