laptop to my VTL preamp

I was given a hard drive full of tunes.I have a laptop that I wanted to run my 2 chanel rig.I have to run a USB cable to my VTL.I bought a Devilsound DAC ad while it played music it was not very good.Do I need to upgrade my DAC or change the format on the laptop?I am new to the computer world.Thanks
That's a loaded question. I run a Benchmark Dac into my VTL 5.5 pre and it sounds wonderful, but I'm using Apple Lossless files, which are exact copies. It could be the music files, if they are recorded in MP3 128 or 192 bit, which to me sound less robust than my Apple copies, or it could just be the DAC. I have never heard the Devilsound. I also have used/heard PS Audio III and Cambride DAC magic into my VTL and all sound great.

In summary, your VTL will handle music from a DAC fine. I would first check my digital music files to make sure it's cut right, then second, try the DAC. Odds are the music files need redone in either FLAC, WAV, or Apple Lossless. I use tags so that's one reason I use the Apple format, even though I run off of a Windows Laptop.

Good luck....Rootman
Also, try using the different USB slots with the Devilsound, provided your laptop has more than one USB input.