Laptop Line In

Need some help getting a quiet line in for my laptop. I used to have an IBM laptop that had a workable Line-in. No longer have it. I now have a Dell Inspiron that only has a mic in. I picked up an Edirol UA-1X some months ago that runs on USB. I'm tired of fighting it. With the ac power connected on my laptop, the device makes a terrible racket. If I run on dc and disable the wireless, the noise level drops considerably, but I still get a very low warbling sound. I'm trying to record some of my vinyl and need to get the noise level down more.

Anyone have any successful solutions they would mind sharing? I'm not sure I want to drop more money on USB given how poorly the Edirol has performed. I don't know if something like the M-Audio Firewire Audiophile will suffer from similar noise issues or not. Maybe the problem is my Dell laptop.

I'd appreciate any input.

I have had excellent luck with this item:

Although I have not used it with LP's, I have transferred analog tape and video to a laptop and desk computer with no issues.

The good news? It's cheap.
You might check your audio volume settings in Windows. Make sure you have the "advanced" settings available. Many laptops give you the ability to turn on/off the mic boost which would allow you to use the mic as a line level input.