Lapping the Spade Connectors

I was just curious if anyone has tried this? If so, what were your results?

Background: I frequently lap my copper heatsinks for my computer (sand---->polish mirror finish)to get a better contact and keep my overclocked parts running a couple of degrees cooler (a measurable difference). I was think with all the debate over spades and banannas that a better contact may be worth it for speaker terminal conduction too.
Might work if the connector was solid copper. The direct gold on copper that Vampire and others use may “polish” away with lapping.

OFC copper connectors and un-plated Cardas are excellent. To keep them perfectly clean and bright, I occasionally dip mine in hydrofluoric acid followed by a water wash.

Mike Percy sold hydrofluoric acid but I think it’s been banned by both the USPS and UPS with the new security.
I just loved wet sanding my CPU...:)
Albert is right, but I will say it stronger, polishing WILL take the gold plating off the metal. That being said, these microfiber cloths are quite popular. Just know that taking a few microns off here and a few microns off there will eventually add up.

Also, I am not sure how concentrated the hydrofluoric acid that Michael Percy was selling, but it's a particularly nasty substance. It's used in glass etching, and to dissolve the glass off the floor at plants that work with molten glass. Since it eats glass, it is only acid I know of that you will find sold a in glass container.

How about a little Artic Silver III in there??

Could help bring out the highs with the silver based TIM?