lap top tunes

I have not been on the audio highway for a very long time.  Is there a way to play the tunes from my LT to my rig and not lose audio quality?

Thanks so much for the tips. The audition (money back)  is the way to go. The hardest thing for me?-- selling my wife.

An Ayre Codex would be a good place to start. It's not that expensive, and can deliver high end sound. Since you already have a good system and know what you're doing, getting a cheap dac is the equivalent to getting an entry level CD player. It will sound OK, but if you're used to something better, you'll want to upgrade right away.
mac laptop or Windows?

what format (coding) are the files in now?

did you rip them from CDs? (Redbook) or get SACDs or other material on there?

some have said an SSD will give better SQ than using an HDD

some say an onboard processor using your CPU/GPU will give better SQ than most DACs

the Schiit Yggy is only a bit over $2k and is very well regarded (no DSD); Chord & Benchmark are also xlnt tho cost a bit more

I can tell you that an old DacMagic sounds quite good with an ARC pre-amp and maggie 3.7i speakers - it is what I use while looking for a better DAC.
warrenh -- You're selling your wife? What's the bluebook value? I'm thinking about an upgrade.
@ warrenh -- You're selling your wife? do you have the owners manual. Any upgrades from the original OEM packaging!!!! :>)