lap top tunes

I have not been on the audio highway for a very long time.  Is there a way to play the tunes from my LT to my rig and not lose audio quality?
Sure. Get a USB DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). It will connect to your laptop via a USB cable and then to your audio system via a pair of RCA interconnect cables. 

There are lots of DACs that have USB inputs. They range from something like the Audioquest Dragonfly Black ($99) or the Schiit Audio Modi 2 ($99) up to units costing thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars.
So I'll have to go for the DAC units costing upwards in the thousands given my rig: top to bottom around $35K? What do you suggest, either from first hand or word of mouth?

You might want to start with something relatively inexpensive just to dip you toe in the water and see if you like the experience. If you're going to spend thousands, I would highly recommend you purchase from a dealer or on-line retailer that offers a money back audition period.

Schiit Audio offers DACs ranging from $99 - $2399 and have a 15 day money back trial period. Benchmark, Berkeley, Mytek and Lampizator make well regarded DACs at higher prices. There are many more. Take a look at the pages of ads in the Digital Category under the DA Converter section. That should keep you busy for a while!

I would suggest you read some reviews, check the forums here, and at Computer Audiophile and start creating a short list of DACs that interest you.

Ask questions. I wouldn't spend any money until you are comfortable that you understand what you need. 

Thanks so much for the tips. The audition (money back)  is the way to go. The hardest thing for me?-- selling my wife.