Lansche plasma tweeter replacement every 5000 hours.

Who would purchase a speaker with a tweeter life span of 5000 hours? I was seriously thinking of picking up a pr used here on audiogon till I heard you have to purchase a new tweeter for $2000-2500 after 5000 hours. That’s ridiculous to say the least. Who knows if they will even be around in the next 5-10 years.

I have to say, this is a disappointment. Despite the cool physics, I've not been impressed that they were audibly so much better than other world class devices.


I have not heard them, but with how 2020 went down, I put a lot more hours on my speakers than the year before. I might be needing a second set of new tweeters very soon. So for the maintenance alone I would steer clear.
2000 hours is roughly 40 hours a week for 2 1/2 years....  that a lot of listening...

plasma tweeter replacement every 5000 hours.
It’s only the Tungsten electrode rod that probably needs replacing, as that’s how long they last. Just like on my Magnat MP-02 Plasma’s.
I bought the right diameter rods on ebay got a machine shop to cut them to length and dome shape the end.

Cheers George
b_limo, check your math.  40 hours a week for 2 1/2 years works out to 5200 hours, or replacement time for the tweeter.  I agree that 5,000 hours is a lot of listening.
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Oops, meant to say 5000.  Transposed the $2000 repair bill.  Dyslexic? 

It does seem to be the problem with this type of device - there's been a number of different ones made over the years but only a couple of manufacturers survive - useful background here


Best sounding tweeter I have ever heard. Lansche has been around for decades. Dont know how long they have had a strong presence in the U.S. however. 

Interesting.  I have been interested in these tweeters for years but never had the ability to hear them.  Years ago I wanted to add supertweeters to my main speakers and was looking into plasma.  I had no idea they had a limited number of hours.  The permanently charged stat tweeters I chose work well, but it appears they have gone out of business.  I have a great knack for finding gear from companies that go under.  LOL.  However 2 have recently been revived, TTW turntables, and the sale of Velodyne to someone actually interested in running an audio business.  

The ozone issue often gets brought up.  Although these types of speakers produce ozone it can be readily catalysed back to O2 using several methods and/or adsorbed by activated carbon.  Ozone is very unstable and typically only lasts around 20 minutes - it is easy to smell and avoid.  There's more than ozone to worry about (NOx for example) and many other things that makes these devices challenging to design (see

for more detail). But these issues are what makes designing them interesting and the problems can be overcome.

Thanks for the info on massless. I have asthma so ozone affects my ability to breathe well.🙃