Lansche owners questions- help

What are your opinions of Lansche 3 speakers? How does the apparently fabulous plasma tweeter integrate with the other driver? They have gotten good reviews. What speakers cables and other components are recommended?
I heard the Lansche room at CES, and had mixed feelings. Of course, all the caveats about show ocnditions apply, but I thought the drivers didn't integrate well at all. I htought the sound was rather course. The tweeters, though, were divine. Thye combioned the transparency of ribbons with the power of nothing else around. Cymbals sounded like the big shimmering hunks of brass that theyare, rather than soemone dropping little fistfuls of gravel on cymbals like many ribbons, or like people standing around saying Tshshh Tsshhhhh like many domes.

That is indeed a problem that you describe. When I listen to a speaker that is well integrated and coherent, I don't even think about the tweeter. If you do find yourself thinking about any one driver in particular, it's time to move on.

I have the Lansche No. 5 speakers and find that their drivers are very well integrated. I originally thought that those amazing plasma tweeters would be impossible to properly integrate, but I found that it was not the case. The 3" midrange and the pair of 8" woofers are very fast and accurate.