Lansche Goa plasma tweeter speakers at CES 2007

If anyone listened to these speakers at the CES 2007 please let us know what they were like. I've always liked the Acapela plasma tweeter and want to know how this new company compares.
Well, at the retail price of $45,000 they do not compare with the Acapellas at all. I visited the Lansche room three times and although I liked what I heard, I thought the price tag shouldn't have been higher than $20 - $25K. The Corona tweeter was great, but below 3000 Hz the sound was dynamically constrained and the active bass just didn't integrate well with the rest of the spectrum. IMHO the Acapella Violons have a similar retail price but are significantly more refined, dynamic and lifelike.
Lansche has a few speaker systems that use the ion tweeter. The "GOA" employs a horn midrange, and the models "No.4.1" and "No.8" do not.
I'm not sure which ones they brought to CES 2008 but I would like to hear from anyone that heard them.