Lampizator Transport?

Has anyone have any experience with the New Lampizator transport?
Getting one to demo, but the Distributor here in the US has had trouble with wires getting lose/ off and not working. But when it is up and running I am told it is on level with the Dac which sounds like my ex AN TT.

At 4K USD it is up there so it needs to be a solid machine with no issues to have happy buyers like me. Poland to to far away to monkey around with a high $$$ unit.

The Dac is so good that I want to hear/see if Mr. L can have another breakthrough product.
Hi Glory.

Thanks for the info. I thought i was the only one who has experienced problems with the transport. I got mine back in april/May and have not been a happy customer. I have connectivity issues and have spent more time mucking around trying to get the unit working than listening to music.I have spent money on a new router, changed my computer locations etccc only to find out that it was the Lampizators fault and not mine. for reference i have a squeezebox Duet for 3 years and it has NEVER given me any problems

all credit to the Australian distributor whom insisted that Lucaz send me out a new unit. after 2 months of waiting the new unit arrived only to be Dead on arrival.

when i have got the unit working, it is a great sounding product, but its not enough to make up with the frustration of the sheer unreliability.

L needs to yank it off the market and get it right.

Hate to see it tarnish his world class Dac in anyway.
Do you know how many units the US distributor had faults with. The US being such a big market, i would have thought he would have sold quite a few. I am the only one in Australia that has got one.
If your issues with the Lamp are connectivity to your network..IMHO..I would not fault it. I battle network issues with my Duet and my Transporter every now and then. Enough that I am looking for an alternative. Right now the music vault with a quality DAC..maybe the Lamp.

If there are other issues..I would love to hear them..large or small.

I am a newbie and rely on you guys for input.Thanks
I have been using SB3, Duet, Boom and MW Transporter for years and never had to battle any wireless network issues.

If there were issues, it was a bad battery in the laptop running SB server or fios/router.
Actually most of my issues come after power outages and surges..I went wired thinking it would help..Nope. I have to do a factory reset and then last time TP upgraded to 7.6.0...yikes took me two weeks to get it straightened out. Duet is still not connecting.
I have to agree with Knghifi. I've had SB2, and have SB3 and Duets running - all wired and wirelessly - 24/7 for years. Power outages do nothing to my setup. Everything recovers and automatically re-establishes comms just like it's supposed to. I even have secondary routers inline to branch out network connectivity into my listening room. IME Slimdevices/Logitech's network implementation has been quite robust.

Not sure what kind of network solution is in the Lamp, however.
The solution isn't with the is with the Music Vault. I am no expert..but talked to Neil at Sound Science that sells the MV and was told it could be ran directly to a premium DAC without using a network.

I am a zero network experience guy and when I get home and I have to fiddle with it..I go bonkers.(every couple of months)

Don't get me wrong I love my Modwright TP and my Duet when they are working.

Right now my Duet won't connect and I have tried all my tricks will have to prolly call Logitech to get it up.

For all that don't have problems..count your blessings.
the problems i am having has got nothing to do with my network, its the Lampizator itself. Like i said i have a normal squeezebox Duet and it performs perfectly. It receives a strong signal. The Lampizator with its external antennae fails to connect to the network many times. When it does its signal stength is dismal.For eg: In an area where my network strenth is close to 100%, the normal squeezebox would be constantly be 70% strength. the Lamp would be anywhere from 0%, 2%, 30% or 60%.
When the Lamp is working, it is a glorious sounding machine. Playing hi-rez files really makes one wonder whether it is worthwhile having a Vinyl rig!!!!!

But when its not working, i feel like just chucking the damn thing away. Some days i spend 15 mins just to connect, other days it will not work at all. Its like pot luck whether one gets music or not.Even when its working, there is long buffering, dropouts etc.... which does not affect my CHEAP Duet!!!!!
08-27-11: Scp
I am a zero network experience guy and when I get home and I have to fiddle with it..I go bonkers.(every couple of months)
My guess that's your problem. Problem is probably with your network environment and NOT the MW TP and Duet.

All my friends and I are network/computer savvy. All the Logitech players are just plug and play. No problems with power outages, updates ...

Is your connection problems connecting to Slim server running on a pc/mac or to the SqueezeNetwork? Or to both? Slim Server runs much better on a MAC than Windows.

I suggest asking one of your computer friends to help you debug the problem.
Having a MM with a LPS I am very interested in finding the next step up if there is one.

Outside of the bugged out Lamp is there transport than the MM worth looking at?
Spoke to Ming and he has one happy owner with the Lamp T.

One unit needs a part that Mr. L will ship out from Poland when he returns from NY. That one I will demo. If it kills the MM it will be sold and bought by me.

Will post my results with my demo to those interested.
I have got the Aussie importer and my dealer coming on Sat to try and fix the Lamp for the second time. They say that they now suspect that it is the antennae connector in the Lamp. I hope so, for if they dont fix it this weekend, i will ask for a full refund. They also have not found out what was wrong with the replacement transport that Lukasz sent that was DOA. Even if they fix it, i have lost confidence with the Lampizator company. Its like buying a new car that keeps on breaking down and getting recalls.

Lukasz should have issued a statement to his customers when he knew there were problems. At least it would have saved me a friggin lot of time trying to find what was the problem!!!!!

I thought it was only me, but the US distribtor confirmed that he has problems( There must be others that have the same problems)

This week, a miracle happened with the Lamp working for 2 days straight. But alas the last 2 days being futile with the Lamp not able to connect with the network.

I keep my fingers crossed that a solution would be found this Saturday.
I have had my Lampizator Transport for a week. It took a day and a half to get it up and running. I didn't really understand how the Squeezebox Duet was suppose to work and then I had to open specific ports in my firewall and router. One final trick was taking the battery out of the controller after resetting it back to factory settings. Ming Su, the North American distributor, was very helpful and responsive.
And then MUSIC...! I have the Gen 3 Level 3 Lampizator DAC to go with the transport. I had tried a Sonore music server and a SDtransport and both were better than my Altis Audio CDT III transport. But the Lampizator transport is several levels above the Sonore and SDtransport. They still sounded somewhat digital but the Lamp trans is so much more analog, musical, tons of detail, soundstaging, and much more. If you can get thru the setup problems and initial production problems that have occurred with the unit, you will be rewarded. It is definitely worth the trouble. So you can count me as an estatic owner.
Great you have it up and going! my distributor finally fixed mine by installing 2 computer internal antennae and bypassing the external antennae. It now has a stronger and more stable signal strength.

What so you make of the Lamp T now that up and running?

Got one coming next week. Better than a MM we shall hear.
Got the LT in my system a few days ago and think it is a much better MS than my MM.