Lampizator to which dedicated music streamer?

My MacBook Pro finally froze up with tidal for the last time it was 12 years old. I stream tidal almost always for digital playback

i don’t want to use a computer anymore

i have an iPad I could use as a remote or an iPhone.

What streamer would match up well with the lampizator? My only choice for connection is usb or spdif 

thanks for your time.


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I’m leaning toward innuos zen, but just so I’m clear a streamer sounds better than a iMac?
A good streamer like Innuos or Lumin is optimized for audio and reducing sources of noise, both of which give them a significant performance advantage over most (if not all) computers.  Plus there’s the nice side benefit of not having to deal with a computer anymore, which is a huge selling point for me but YMMV.  Just my take on it FWIW. 
I appreciate the reply , Audirvana takes the computer and supposedly shuts down things that could cause noise but I guess they cant shutdown all of them.