Lampizator to which dedicated music streamer?

My MacBook Pro finally froze up with tidal for the last time it was 12 years old. I stream tidal almost always for digital playback

i don’t want to use a computer anymore

i have an iPad I could use as a remote or an iPhone.

What streamer would match up well with the lampizator? My only choice for connection is usb or spdif 

thanks for your time.


I have a lite7 they don’t make them anymore

Thank you for the info....depending on what features matters the most to you in a streamer, I would take a look into Innuos Zenith MK3, Aurender N100, Lumin U1 and Lampi SuperKomputer. They would all make a solid pairing with your Lite7.

Good luck!
What about the Nativ Vita?