Lampizator Music KOMPUTER or MusicVault or MemoryPlayer64???

Looking for good advice and pros/cons, listening experiences, etc...with any or all of the above computer-based audio ripping/server based platforms.  Important things for me are balanced outputs, clock input, ability to rip both RBCD (CD, XRCD, XRCD2, XRCD24) and SACD (native, not the RBCD layer) and if possible the 2-channel DVD-Audio disc content I have.  Need large in-box as well as network attached storage potential with some form of redundancy (think high-availability/fault-tolerance), use of RAID or some other approach (local cloud).  Thanks in advance for the help!
Hi Zephyr,

I own the LampizatOr DSD Komputer music server, and it's working out quite well for me.  Sound quality is quite amazing!

That said, it has a USB output that goes out to your DAC, hence no balanced outputs.  There are no ripping abilities with mine.  That said, they do have a variety of options available.  You can go to their international page at the link below or, if you are in North America, contact them at their site (the second link):

I will be doing a review on the Komputer soon.


Thank you very you rip on another device and then use the filesystem on the Lampi as a target for the fies?
Hi Zephyr,

I rip on another device.  My old Toshiba laptop, that used to hold down music server duties, is where I rip my files.  From there, I transfer them via external hard drive to the DSD Komputer.  That way, I have best playback.  



This is a link to my system, although I recently upgraded from the Schiit SYS passive preamp to another hand-built passive with a better potentiometer and silver wires inside ensconced in a cotton braid.
I have used a Music Vault for about 10 years.  They can address pretty much all of your needs.  Not sure if they can rip DVD-Audio (I should find out, I have a few).  They have RAID auto-duplication w up to 8 TB local storage.  They can handle DSD files files.  Two of the best features are the Logmein software that allows Neal to troubleshoot remotely, and the Solid State HD for the OS, which makes it boot fast and maximizes storage.  No idea of how it compares to the Lampizator but I love the sound.  I used to serve the files wirelessly to a Modwright Transporter but now I have it hard-wired to an Antelope Zodiac DAC.  It can also provide analog out on RCA or AES/EBU jacks. 

Give Neal a call; he's very approachable and responsive.
Guys,...thank you both very much for the  feedback and pointers!
I'm a satisfied Music Vault owner.  Neal is very helpful and great to work with.
Thank you!
I love my Music Vault 2 Ultra with Roon and Tidal. Neal's customer service is great, he responds right away. If you have a issue he will fix it by remote. This service is very valuable to computer idiots like me. 

Thank you for the response; apologies in my delay in responding further. Work has been taking far too much time away from audio!