Lampizator Golden Gate Balance With PCM chip-less discrete resistor ladder type

I really want to know if any of you have heard or compared this version to the previous pcm engine.
I have heard the SE. The new Ladder PCM is better than the old PCM. However, the new Delta Sigma board is now about equal to the newish Ladder PCM.
Thanks for your feedback wisnon. I read many of your comments on several topics and they're very informative and objective. 

I am wondering about the additional cost of Euro 1500 for that particular option. Is it worth it?

The MQA is now making a buzz now especially after Munich 2016. Not sure if Lampizator will adopt this as well. :)
Hi Wisnon, when did Lampizator implement R2R DAC in the Golden Gate?  Is this new? I got the GG last year, and I believe it has a Delta Sigma chip.

New, since about January.

He also has a new Delta-Sigma PCM board that he says is about equal SQ. The R2R can do DSD as well, so has the advantage of seemless playback of a mixed format playlist.

Finally, there was a recent update of the R2R firmware that steps up PCM to the stratosphere I am told by Bill in the UK.

Hi Wisnon, what is the recent update of the R2R? Kindly shed some light here. :)