Lampizator Big 7 USB Connection Question

I got my hands on a Lampizator Big 7 DAC and am enjoying it so far via SPDIF connection. I have a USB cable and have tried it but can't seem to get my PC to recognize the DAC. I've tried downloading the required driver, but this doesn't seem to do the trick.

My other DAC, a Burson 160, was recognized without any issue and I can select the USB option easily from the PC Control Panel. So far though I can't get the Big 7 to get recognized by my PC via USB.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I'm particularly keen to try the DSD DAC but I believe I need to do that via USB.
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Did you flip the toggle switch over to the USB position?
Go to website and d/l drivers for PC. Might need an updated driver.
why would you want to use the usb when you have spdif?
Yes, I flipped the toggle switch over to USB.

Yes, I downloaded the combo Amanero driver as specified in the Lampizator manual, but it doesn't identify the device.

Cerrot, I believe the USB input is the only one which connects to the DSD module in the Lampizator, allowing me to listen to DSD tracks, which is one of the biggest benefits/features of the Lampizator DAC. For PCM tracks, I'm happy to use SPDIF.
Cerrot's usb vs spdif debate is interesting and still relevant today where optimal SQ is concerned.

When you say that with pcm, you are happy with spdif, does it mean you prefer spdif to usb? If so, my personal experience is similar.
With spdif via a usb-spdif converter from my pc, hi-res sounds way better than usb. I get gobs and gobs of detail with all the warmth intact. I dare not say it is as good as vinyl but it comes very close.
This may not be a fair comparison for the generation-old usb implenentation in my Esoteric K-01 whose usb board I have yet to upgrade.

For those who have upgraded the usb board of their K-01 or are owners of the K-01X, it will be good to hear their listening experience comparing usb to spdif.
Hi Jon2020, yes agreed - I think SPDIF is likely better than USB, or at least I'm very happy with it.

My only reason for needing the USB input to work is that it is required for me to take advantage of a separate DAC within my DAC - a DSD module that allows me to play DSD files, and from what I've read that experience takes the DAC to a new level and is one of the key benefits/features of my DAC. You can read a bit more about DSD at the Lampizator website. USB is the only input that supports DSD files with this DAC.
As you can compare usb with spdif of your Lampi only after you have the usb connection working, I waa referring to your usb vs spdif experience for the Burson dac.
Looks like our posts crossed. Yes, dsd needs usb for all dac's in the market today.