LampizatOr Amber II Fuse Location

I own the Lampizator Amber II DAC and wanting to change the fuse.  Lampizator owners do you know where it is located? There is a skinny slot where the pc connects but I believe it is a spare fuse holder but not sure.  Can’t see good anymore and that doesn't make it any easier.  Any help or pics would be greatly appreciated.
Thankful.... I recently bought an Amber II and would be curious as to the brand of fuse and your impressions and recommendations. 
Congratulations on your new Lampizator DAC. In my Antelope DAC and my PS Audio DAC, I have had a nice improvement using a Synergistic Research Blue fuse. They sounded good immediately upon installation and then improved over the next 10 days. Since they are sold with a 30 day trial, if you do not like the sonic change you return it and get a refund.
I think it is a fun and informative experiment to do.

David Pritchard