Lampizator Amber II and MacBook Pro With JRiver

Lampizator owners I am need of some guidance.  I own the Lampizator Amber II DAC. I am using a MacBook Pro with JRiver loaded.  I connect an external hard drive with music files to the MacBook Pro.  I used this setup with a previous DAC with no problems.  

For some reason I cannot get sound through the speakers when using the USB.  There is a toggle switch that is used when switching between SPDIF or USB.  It plays through the computer instead.  No problem getting sound through the speakers with the SPDIF cable from Oppo 105D.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  



@thankful  have you downloaded and installed the driver


Do you need a downloaded driver for USB when using a Mac computer?I thought drivers were only needed for Windows based computers.
@mr_m The web site would appear to support that.

@thankful - Have you tried contacting lampizator?

Might be the fastest way to success


Yes, I am reaching out.  Will be trying some additional adjustments when I get home tonight.  It would be nice to be able to have a phone call with JRiver folks as well.

The coax from the Oppo 105D sounds great.  I'm sure it is just a settings issue.

The Amber II is a fine DAC....

That is funny. I had the same problem until I pushed in the button (blue on mine) on the front panel. Then everything worked fine. And it is a very fine DAC.