Lampi L5 vs Amber

Hi, looking for some advice regarding the Lampizator models.

I'm starting into server based music. I'm interested in PCM and DSD playback and I'm looking for dynamic, musical, involving and emotional sound.

I'm considering either a pre-loved two box L5 gen 4 with volume control and DSD (single ended, standard MBM caps) or for similar money, a fully loaded Amber (balanced, extra chokes, volume control,upgraded caps and tubes).

The unit will connect directly to a Perreaux 250P power amp and drive Dynaudio speakers.

The DAC purchase is the first in the next upgrade cycle so the front end will be a foundation for future amp / speaker purchase.

I'm based in NZ so can't audition in my system, which is going to change over the next 18x months.

Your thoughts and comments on the SQ between these units is appreciated.

Amber review here:
Looking at your name I'm guessing your in chch? I own a lampi big 5 which is the one box with Dueland caps. I love it to bits, musical, engaging, huge 3d soundstage, analog. It just sounds right. I'm in auckland and more than happy for you to come over for a listen. My gears in storage while we sell our place but will be set up again in next few months. FWIW my I use a Mac mini with ssd 8 gb ram into an iFi usb, lampi and new audio frontier 300b supreme limited edition amp. Speakers are Bastanis matterhorns. Killer sounds. Only other upgrade will be a linear PSU for Mac mini and some room treatment.
Thanks for the input folks.

The L5 is currently ex Lampizator in Poland and one of the 'Garage Sale' listed items.

Kiwicol, yes used to be in CHC when I registered the name but now in WLG. I'd be keen to hear you system so will cotact you when I'm due to be up your way.

Wisnon, great idea about the caps. They look waaaay cheaper on PCX than installed at the factory.

I'll likely go the L5 path.