Lamp replacement for Marantz 2265b

I just purchased a Marantz 2265b and I need to Chandler the lamps in it. Some work and some don't. I don't want to take stuff off the unit if it doesn't need to come off. Does anyone have pics or items that need to come off to replace the lamps for the tuner section. The needle, stereo, and both meter lights work fine. It's the main section of blue lighting that doesn't work. 200ma vs 250ma, does it matter? Any help would really be appreciated.


Firstly having the proper rated bulbs does matter, for two reasons. One, the 250 will be hotter inside its casing and thats not good and second more cuurent drawn.
After you take off the outer case you will see where each lamp is within its casing. Simply and carefully remove the tiny screws that hold the lamps in place. You will see this quite easily by looking at the back side of the tuning lights with the front of the unit facing away from you and the back of the unit nearest to you looking in. They are quite easy to replace just like a fuse, they are called fuse lamps after all. If you look at the insides it really does explain itself how easlily they come out and go back in.
Thanks for the help
I bought the fuse lamps for a 2226 off e-b for 8 bucks. I have never ever seen the inside of a receiver, but I am mechanically inclined and I changed mine in about 5 minutes.