lamm with ? preamp

Does anyone have experience with the M1.1,1.2,2.1, or 2.2 hybrid amps with preamps such as BAT vk-51se as I would need a remote (hence the non lamm preamp). Current speakers are jm lab micro utopia be with rel studio sub, but may go with wilson or larger jm lab in the future.
I know from experience that the Thor preamps are a very synergistic match with the Lamm's
I currently use the M2.1s with my Ayre K-1XE preamp, which has a remote, (as well as a phono stage, should you need one.) It is a solid state preamp, and I like it a great deal. Very musical, neutral and detailed. It is also dead quiet, which is a quality I highly prize. (I use the Revel Studios, if that matters to you.)

My friend uses the ARC Ref. 3, which also has a remote, (although no phono stage.) It is also very musical, and detailed. It is not as neutral or as quiet, as it is a tube preamp. (However, being a tube preamp means it has its own charm, as it has a slight warmth to the mid-range that mine does not.) It does a a bit of tube rushing noise, but so does most tube equipment. (I do not like tube rushing, which is why I got of my tube preamps and went solid state.) FYI, he uses the Avalon Eidolons. Great speakers with the Lamms, btw.
I like my friend's system a lot, so I would highly recommend the ARC, should you prefer tubes over solid state. (The ARC Ref. 2 sounded very similar to the Ref. 3, (as per my friends opinion), if you can't quite afford the Ref. 3.)

Good Luck in your search.
I use to use a Rowland Synergy IIi preamp with my Lamm M1.1 ... Awesome remote control! Now I'm using a Theta Gen VIII which is just as awesome plus it's my DAC and I can run without one less $$$$ cable! I used a Placette and a CJ Premier 14 also but had Gain problems because they didn't have enough volume increments. Too loud for low level listening. So be careful of preamp matching the Lamm's.
thanks for all of your responses
Second to the Ayre K1. I use Ayre K1(remote control) with Lamm 1.1s driving a pair of WP5.1.I am very happy with the sound now but maybe upgrade to the 7 in the future.
I have Lamm ML 2.1 SET at 18 wpc driving my Wilson X-2's. I tried Vladimir's L2 preamp in ,y system and found it very cold. I use the ARC Ref 3 and IMO it is the most musical preamp that I have ever used