Lamm vs Thor preamps

I own a pair of Lamm 1.1 hybrid amplifiers and am looking for a matching preamp. I am considering the Thor and have heard that it is a wonderful combination. Has anyone had any experience with this equipment?
Thank You for your suggestions!
I recently purchased a pair of used Lamm M1.1. I have purchased a new Audio Research Ref 2 Mk II preamp and the marriage with the Lamm's is very magical. I would suggest you give this combination an audition.

I have Lamm amps and use the Lamm L-1 and as expected they work very well with each other. I believe someone had an L-1 for sale here on Audiogon.
I have heard them both and much prefer the Thor. Much more musical.Quite a bit more natural to my ears. I ended up purchasing Thor monos' and preamp just fot that reason.
I am a Thor Audio dealer in the L A area and have had very favorable experiences with the Thor preamp/Lamm combo. It is also an exceptional preamp with the Blue Circle BC2 amps, the YBA 2HCDT, and the Aloia Inductive PSupply stereo amp.