Lamm Owners: M2.2 Problems


One of my Lamm M2.2 amps is acting weird; when it turns on the front panel lamp flashes, then flashes faster and the amp never powers up. Anyone else ever have this problem?


Check the manual, also swap the input 6922 tubes from left to right monoblock to see if that fixes it. Otherwise time to check fuses.
Does this happen during periods of "high humidity"? My friends' M1.1s did this.He used a hair-drier before turning on his unit-only one amp required this.Vladmir was having trouble diagnosing that one
Sorry, neither me nor either of my two friends have had this problem.
Cytocycle's advice is good, as it might determine if it is just a tube problem.
(If it is, great, a cheap solution!)

If not, ouch, as that means sending them back to Lamm. (Something I am not looking forward too, if, and/or when, my amps experience problems.)

Good Luck, and I hope it is a tube!!!!!
It could also be a shorted speaker cable or blown driver.
Quick update: Just a bad tube. Thanks to all for the thoughts. WHEW!!
I love single input tube problems.. easy to solve.. you don't have to have a bunch of expensive tubes sitting around.. no biasing...

Congrats and thanks for the update!
Talking about tubes, Amperex 6922 PQ white label US sounds very good with my Lamm M2.1 amps. They are a bit expensive, but well worth it. I like single tube per amp design; it saves me chunks of money for upgrade and maintenance.