Lamm or Edge solid state ?

Does anybody has any experience in this two solid-state amp? What is their characteristic compare to each other I need your opinion please. Thank you.
Both are very good. The Edge is very dynamic and fast and only takes RCA connectors.
I know an Edge dealer, and he told me the only other amps he would own than the $30k Edge monos are the LAMM M1.1 or M2.1 amps. It really depends on the rest of your gear you are matching it to.

First let me say that I am a dealer for LAMM and I will try to be as unbiased as I can.

I have had both the M1.1's and the NL12 and liked both. Overall, I prefer the Lamm M1.1 amps, but there were a few things that I preferred about the Edge NL12.

The LAMM's had a naturalness and ease of presentation that the Edge could not match. I would say the LAMM's were also quite a bit more musical. With a speaker that needs A LOT of power, the Edge may have a slight edge :)

With quite a bit more power the Edge has a real grip on things that, while not a weakness in any way for the LAMM's, is one of the real strengths of the NL12.

Overall, if the two amps I mentioned have enough power for your speakers (They would have to be ridiculously hard to drive if either of these amps would not work), I would recommend the LAMM's just for the musicality.

Good Luck!
I own a Lamm M1.1 but I have heard the Edge monoblocks. I find the Lamms to be more musical, and in fact a bit tubey--not the traditional tubey sound--and both dynamic and delicate. The Edge does have a better grip because of the extra juice.
Thank you guys, I currently use Kharma Exquisite 1D with Lamm ML1, I am thinking to have a secondary solidstate amp for my speakers.
We are both Lamm and Edge dealers. Our reccomendation would be to bi-amp with two pairs of Lamm M1.1 monoblocks (like that heard with the Kharma Exquisites to good effect at CES 2002) or to use Edge Signature Monoblocks. Both of these configurations will deliver a completely fantasic, out of this world performance - and coincidentally they are approximately the same price.

-Mike (Audio Federation)
i agree with all these pro-Lamm and Edge amp comments. both these excellent amps have been my favorite ss amps.

one additional alternative would be to bi-amp with 2 new hybrid stereo Tenor amps. you would have one stereo hybrid on each side. my experience with Tenors and Kharmas would lead me to expect great things from this approach.

i have ordered the new 300 watt hybrid Tenors for my Exquisites but have recently considered bi-amping biggest problem would then be to buy another set of Transparent Opus MM speaker cables....$29k additional (as much as the 300 watt Tenor monoblocks).

just a thought.