LAMM ML2 with Wilson Watt Puppy 6.0

Anyone have any personal experience with this combination? Can you make comparisons with high power push/pull amps with the WP6es? Is there a loss of dynamics or punch with the lower powered 18 watt ML2 SET vs a 200+ push/pull amp? I am huge soundstage and dynamics lover and do not want to sacrifice that.
Check out the review of the watt/p 6es on the current; he uses them with your amps.
Watt puppies need power. I do not see how a 18 Watt Amp could drive anything beyond the most efficient of speakers. If you like dynamics do not consider LAMM ML2s. Perhaps good tonality but with limited control.
Oh yes Haydn_josef, please tell us about your EXTENSIVE experience driving the Watt Puppies with the ML2s. You own either of them? No? Then don't opine on things you have no experience with. FYI, Vladimir highly recommends this combo. You do know who Vladimir is, right???
Lammguy: He actually owns Watt Puppy 6.0s and drives them with ARC Ref 600 Monos. Why are you hiding behind a phony email address? Don't be so obnoxious.