lamm ml2 with wilson watt 6 or 7?

My dealer is getting in a pair of the ML2s to use with their Watt/Puppy 7 in a few weeks for a customer to audition (he also has those speakers, is seriously considering the amps), I intend to drop by when they do. I expect it to be outstanding as well.
I think, and I could be wrong here, but did a review of the wp 6's with lamm as one of the amps. He loved the combo.

I'd guess it'd be great. I have wp 6's and have used BAT vk60 and now a single 75se. Wow...
While the ML2's produce a beautiful sound with the WP's, the speakers really need quite a bit more power.
No experience with the Lamms, but if you really want to hear the watt puppies sing, give them quality high output tube power. I use the Manley REF 500 monoblocks with my 6.0's & they sound terrific. Wilson used VTL 750 monoblocks to debute the 7.0's at HE2002 in NY. That combo sounded incredible. In my opinion it was the best sound at the show, easily beating the Joesph Audio demo(I listened to both demos extensively). If the folks voting did not get to hear "Take The A Train" on the 7.0's, without a doubt they missed the best sound I have ever heard...they are that good!
“Wilson used VTL 750 monoblocks to debute the 7.0's at HE2002 in NY. That combo sounded incredible.”

Yes it sound incredible. Incredible bad. Nothing like live music. Like hifi in worst sense. This is problem with people with no qualification spouting opinion they should keep to self. Learn before talk is alway best.
And just WHAT are YOUR superior qualifications Kevinkwann that make you the self-appointed Guru that YOUR opinion is right and Rickjames' is wrong?
While I may not have the propellar driven beanie nor pocket protector to qualify me as Mr Kwann apparently does, I thought the 7's and VTL combo sounded superb in NYC. As did the gentleman in the rows ahead of me, including Wes Phillips and John Atkinson,Carl Lee of Acoustic Zen and some other long-time industry vets.

I have not been a big fan of some of the earlier Wilson Watt designs, but after hearing the Sophias, and now 7's up close, I am converted. The 7's are excellent speakers, but like all things, can never be everybody's cuppa. People with true experience understand this, trolls and know-it-alls don't..
Mitch, ML2 are wonderful amplifiers but I think they greatly misunderstood. To use them with all those Kharmas, Wilsons, Utopias and the rest of those sub 95Db sensitive speakers is to greatly limit the ML2’s capacity. (Good luck to find a stock well-performing high sensitively speaker) I mean you WILL get with those little Wilsons the result that you won’t be able to get with any other amplifier out there but it still will be not indicative to the ML2’s ability. I sincerely believe that Wilson 6-7 would be better to drive with something like ML1. (Unless you are in VERY small and in VERY live room)