Lamm ml2's amps with coaxial speakers 97db 16ohm

Has any body test this combination of 18watts Lamm ml2's with coaxial speakers of high efficiency 97 db using the PHY-HP [Haut Parleurs] drivers[ see Musical Affairs speakers]? comparing tothe other ''approved '' combination as Lamm ml2's and the inferior's efficiency 89db ceramic speakers[8 ohms]?Is the overall sound immage superior in the first case cause the bigger efficiency?
I've tried 96db's and 87db's and even one with 85.5 db efficiency and couldn't really comment on any differences
The 97db at 16ohm spec will be a great match for the ML2's and likely a better fit than 89db at 8 ohm. Of course all depends on the speaker and listening volume you require. With my ML2's I am using Reimer Teton's at 95db and 4 ohm and the amps control the drivers very will with all the volume I could possibly want.
From my experience with ML2.1 and some speakers there is a big difference between "very well" and *ahem* very well.
It is true, that they can drive lots of speakers, more than most imagine, but only with High Efficiency Speakers - I think 8 ohms and 96++dB - you can hear all subtle details (breathing from the Artist, moved Air etc.).
In such a combination you will hear, how good they really are.
Then they are more than very well .....
Much more.
OK Thomas , which speakers of high efficiency do you think that outstanding ?What to you think about Musical Affairs Grand Crescendo 97 db efficiency ?