Lamm ML2.1 with Wilson Watt/Puppy?

I will be getting the Lamm ML2.1 soon. I wonder if 18 watts is enough for Wilson W/P? If not, what speakers should I be looking into? Cheers.
Check out the members virtual systems. I belive there is someone using W/P 8 with ML2.1.
Lamm and Wilson have a very close relationship; why not call one or both with this question? Being somewhat familiar with my friends Sasha I would want more power myself but YMMV. Check the efficiency of the speakers you are considering and see if the maximum output with 18 watts will be enough for your room and listening taste. I know someone for whom 400 watts was not enough but he apparently likes it LOUD.
i owned the wavac 572 (50w SET) w/ WP6s, and while it was magical (!!) in the mids, the bass was bloated and round. using speaker cables that provided for impedance matching (ie: transparent & MIT) helped a lot, but went the bass and dynamics i wanted, but lost the mids.

oh, those mids.
I know Mr. Lamm recommends his hybrid for the Sashas which are admittedly harder to drive than the WP 8s in the mid bass.
Lamm also recommends Avantgardes with its SET amps.

I can attest to the match!
Like Triode, I use the "little Lamm" ( in my case the ML2) with
AvG Duos and they are beautiful in combination. You should run a couple
searches here because I thought the consensus was that the ML2 worked
pretty well with the Watt up until the most recent - Sasha? - iteration. ( no
direct experience on my part but please check- I think there are many
threads on this here). One thing you should do it get Vlad to go over them
for you and if you live anywhere near NYC, make it a junket. ( if your
closing "cheers" indicates that you are from a British isle, colony or former
protectorate, see what your dealer can do- those babies are pretty big to be
shipping- we drove mine to his place for a tune up and he fixed them in a
couple days - cranky on/switch and a degraded tube socket) The amps
should be retubed - you are basically forced to buy the big tubes from Vlad
even though they exist from other sources due to how he matches them to
each amp. And roll the 12a tube with a Nos tele. Let us know what you
Thanks for the replys. I have heard that the large Wilsons are actually easiler to drive than the W/P's.
Another question is that if the amp is always being overloaded and clips. Would it shortened the life of the transofrmers?
Dunno. Better talk to somebody that is using the Lamms with Watts, and
your model in particular. And, Vlad is usually pretty good to talk to if you get
him on the phone. (He's not back til next week so you won't reach him
before that).
My ears would probably bleed before I clipped the Lamms on the horns I
have~At least in the context of my system, with speakers that are far
different than yours, and extremely efficient (and I'm sure have a far
different impedence curve),
The amps sound very liquid without sounding tube mushy-lush and sound
deep, open and 'continuous' (sorry, i know that was a favorite descriptor for
a while, but it is apt)- it makes music, lively, detailed, even sounding, with
that glorious SET midrange but no gross limitations on the frequency
extremes - all without sounding 'reproduced' or hyped up. It is one thing to
describe but if you can make them work, and assuming you are not placing
undue demands on the amp, you will find them very engaging- they pull
you into the musical event, rather than playing it 'at you.' FWIW, i am also
using his line stage and there is real synergy there, but many, many people
use the ML2 with other brands of preamp/line stage.

You might also take a look at this thread (sorry i tried to link to it and
couldn't, but the user's name here is GerryM5 and it refers to a 'California'
System, the posts are around Nov. 2007):

"Elberoth2, I have had no problems driving the W/P 8's - plenty of power for
the W/P 8's loads. I was worried about that before I got them, but I heard
this combination in the Lamm's CES room playing all this diverse music
beautifully. So I took a chance and have not regretted it.

IMHO the Lamm 2.1's have better dynamics, music power, sound stage
width and depth, and are more musical to my U.S. music ears. The
Ankoru's do have that great Audio Note house sound being very musical
but subtle in most ways. They were slightly underpowered, clipped, while
playing big music pieces that I like. It does shock me that the Lamm's 18
watts sound more powerful and hardly ever clip than 75 watts Ankoru's. I
can't explain that, but that's what I hear. I'm happier with the Lamm's Now I
don't write well at all, so take the differences I'm describing not as good vs
bad, but as slight preferences in taste. The Audio Note Ankuro's are my
2nd favorite amps. BTW, they are better looking than the Lamm's in our
living room, and my wife does point this out to me often."

FWIW, my wife rarely even sees the stuff unless she makes a trip to the
listening room.
The Sasha are not easy to drive; Martin Colloms had trouble with his CJ 350 when he was testing them, only time he ever encountered any problem with it. My friend used the big Lamms on his.