Lamm ML1.1 vs. Aronov ls9100 vs. others

Are these two amps anywhere near the same ballpark in terms of sonic ability? How do they compare sonically?

Recommendations for dynamic, detailed, grainless tube(or hybrid) mono tube amps to drive 90db 2-5 ohm speakers comparable to the "best out ther" for $6500 new or used?

I am particularly interested in the ability of the Lamm and Aronov.Any owners comments please.
Enter the word "Aronov" in the Audiogon search to read user comments from the past. My direct detailed response yesterday to your question has not been posted by moderator(?).
Briefly, Aronov is going to surprise you positively with its ability under the conditions you specify. Qualifies under the Audiogon ad phrase "will not disappoint".
Email privately through the Audiogon system if you would like to learn what else was in my proposed posting.
There is even a member who is selling his Aronov mono pair for $2000, and not yet marked sold. Kind of a giveaway in comparison to what you are willing to pay for high quality amp.
Understand Aronov is not in the production side of audio any longer, just repairs. Their support system needs help.
I have a pair of JenaLabs modded LS9100s and LOVE them. Besides being big, hot and beautiful, they are most likely my last purchase in the amp dept.
I'm guessing Aronvo will have a pair laying around for cheap. Drop them by to have them sorted out (Jena does know her stuff) and touch base with Upscale for a set of tubes and ENJOY. These amps are a delight to be listened to.
Listener57; I think that your response was posted under the Cary SLI80/CJ Cav50 thread .
Pocketchange and Saki70, Thanks for the information.
It seems I should have snapped up the last pair of Aronov mono's rather than proselytizing on their behalf.
But, I really find the Aronov LS-960I so satisfying in my current nearfield listening area. I have always enjoyed a variety of systems in different spaces, although I can vicariously "hear" the results when someone assembles an ultimate system.
I have had a 960i for 10 years and still love it. I changed out all signal caps to Obligato gold premium caps. They fit on the circuit boards perfectly. I have EI kt90's plus a slew of other 6550 tubes. KT90's sound the best, but so do the others. Not sure which 12ax7 tube set is in it now.

I am changing out the signal resistors to Vishay VAR-Series "naked" Z201 Z-FOIL RESISTOR soon. They are suppose to be the cats meow.

I have the schematic. It is so simple, a work of simplicity.

I have 300b, and 845 amps also to compare it with.