Lamm ML1.1 - enough power for Sonus Faber Cremona?


Thoughts on whether the Lamm ML1.1 amps have enough power to drive the hungry Sonus Faber Cremonas (original version)? I've ruled out the ML2 series since I just don't think they'll be enough...sadly.

Room is 13 feet by 23 1/2 feet.

Thank you!
Not in this lifetime.
Well the SF Cremonas are rated as 91dB sensitivity and a 4ohm nominal impedance speaker. The ML1.1s output 90wpc into 2/4/8 ohms. What is not clear is how the Cremonas impedance curve fluctuates across the frequency spectrum. If it is fairly flat around 4ohms than you should be able to drive it somewhat reasonably through the 4ohm taps of the ML1.1s. I would call Lamm and see if they have any experience (themselves or costomer experience) driving the Cremona Ms with this amp. Alternatively, you can give the folks at Sumiko (SF's US distributor/importer) for the Cremona M's impedance characterisitcs across the frequency band and ask them what they think about the ML1.1s driving them. If you look up the three reviews of the ML1.1 (, Stereophile, and Positive, you will see that Marc Mickelson at droveW W/P 7s with them and thought the combination was great. The W/P 7s are not the easiest load on tube amps, having a significant drop in impedance to 2.4ohms at 78Hz. So Ebm may have personal experience with his "not in this lifetime" comment, but it seems marck Mickelson did fine driving a somewhat tough speaker like the W/P 7s. Good luck.
This is bullsh*t, I know, but my gut tells me that SF and LAMM would not be a good match and not because of power, impedance curve etc. Having said that, LAMM will drive most speakers, question is how well.
Iv'e had several friends with Sonus Faber speakers , and to make thinks sound right they both had to go to solid state amps . I can't say why this is , but I have found that all Sonus Faber speakers Iv'e heard had an excellent but slightly soft warm sound , tube amps seem to have the same virtue . Maybe to much of a good thing ? On the other hand I can't imagine the Lamms sounding bad in any system , weather they can power your speakers properly will in part depend how loud you want to go . How loud do you want to go ? Good luck .
I owned the original cremonas and used them with the audio research vs 55 and the vs 110 in a large room and they were great ,the 50 watt amp played loud and sweet the 100 watt amp just made everything a bit fuller. That said they were both excellent.