Lamm ML 1 best power cable

I have a set of Lamm Ml 1 on the way to me and would like to get an opion of anyone useing Lamm amps what they have found to be the best power cable and what they have used in the past. Thanks
I think Elrod power cords are incredibly good. The best I've ever heard in my system. A friend and I compared a LessLoss to the Elrod and the LessLoss showed it weekness in both of our systems. And LessLoss is a very hot item right now.
There is no best of anything for everyone, but do a search on Elrod and you'll see how many reviewers favor this cord.
Just my two cents worth.

JW Audio
I like my ML 1.1s with Kubala Sosna Emotion power cords, probably because my whole system is cabled with that cable and I like the presentation of that cabling. Some might think it's a little smooth; my take is that the high frequency hash is gone and makes things sound more natural. If you're looking for more exciting dynamics, a member of our audio club (K-Works is the brand) makes a power cord called the Dynamo (and a less expensive one called the Empowered Cord) that excels in that area, as well as transparency, and is far less expensive than most brands out there in its performance class. I used the Dynamo for a number of years with the Lamms with excellent results (at the time I was using NBS Omega cabling), still keep them around. I'd suggest you listen to the amps with their stock PCs first, though, then see if there's anything you feel is lacking or wrong. Quite frankly, while I do believe power cords make a difference, IMHO the differences are not that earthshaking and not really commensurate with the prices being charged for them.
At this level you might really want to compare a few. You might like them all but prefer one. I heard quite often that Lamm amps and Purist Audio Dominus are quite a match.
Do you mean the hybrid M1 or the tube ML2 or ML3?
Personally I use Stealth Dream with M2.2 hybrid monoblocks.
I have been slowly replacing Synergistic Research cables with Stealth over the past few years. I also tried Shunyata, Elrod, JPS, Acoustic Zen and Purist along the way. However, I tried power cables mostly from the wall to power conditioner for pre amp/sources or on CD player as I could not get 2 cables to try on power amps together except for Stealth. Anyway, in a round about way, I eventually ended up with Stealth. Probably best to try them out yourselves though as most of these cables perform very well but it just depends on your taste and personal preference as well.
1. Can you be specific about the weaknesses you thought the Elrod revealed in the LessLoss DFPC.
2. Was the LessLoss DFPC a Signature or an Original?
3. On which component did you use the Elrod and the LessLoss DFPC?

I doubt there is a best one. Lamm aren't very sensitive to PC's. I use Oyaide Tunami for my ML2.1, M1.2R, LL2.1, Signalcable offers some very interesting PC's, silver with Furutech, one of my audiophile friends used Nordost Odin with his ML3's and when he sold the Odins, it was also ok :-)