LAMM matching

I am looking for suggestions on speaker cables and speakers for my LAMM 1.1 amps. I have narrowed it down to Kharma 1.0, Wilson 6 and possibly the 6' pipedreams. I previously had a all Meridian system so separates are new to me Assoc. gear is LAMM L1 preamp, CEC tl-1x transport and DODSON dac. I listened extensively at a friends house who owned LAMMS before making the purchase. He was running the $75,000 pipedreams which are way out of my price range. Any help will be appriciated.
I have the ML-1's with the L-1 and am currently using the Kharma c-2's to very good effect. I am also looking forward to trying the shun mook bella voce references in the system to see if or how much of an improvement they offer over the Kharma's.
Choose the Kharma's without a doubt. Read the review in this months Soundstage.
Whatever you choose, you should make sure that it does not require a lot of power into low impedances. The M1.1 is limited to 100 watt output into 4 ohms. My Divas laughed at it...the 2.1 was a better match, but still ran out of steam on high level music.
I own the Lamm's I am presently using Talon Audio Khorus speakers and Iam running Kimber Select 3038 Speaker cable. Stunning clarity and detail in the cable but the Talon's are a speaker that is just amazing. They replaced Von Schweikert VR 6's. The bass is the fastest and most articulate I have ever heard. The Lamm have the most wonderful toality especially in the mid bass and bass regions. The Talon's make these amps shine. The cables are real pricey and boy did I resist until I heard the 3038 it is like adding another component to your system. Hated writing the check but I love my sytem. GOOD LUCK
Not to further confuse the issue, but check out the Venture speakers if you can before you buy. I own the "la Perfection" model. Not inexpensive, but amazing. They will work very well with the LAMMs.