Lamm M1.2 versus Bat VK 600

Hi, in my audio system Lamm L2 ref and M1.2 mono power, drive the dynaudio Confidence C4 , the sound is correct and upper and mid frequency are Ok.
What do you think about the BAT VK 600 bass performance versus Lamm?
Best regards Gianni
There are some comparisons between the Lamms and the 600se here.

You would be better off changing speakers then amplifiers.
I recommend to check first how the Input range from the BAT will work with the output of the Lamm L2. When the BAT needs a strong input signal, well...
These Dynaudio speakers are not really sensitive, 90dB, 3-4 ohms, those datas cry for a powerful amp. But amp power and sonic quality can't be compared. The advice from S_r_audio is indeed something to think about. Can give you more long time satisfaction.
Better late than never... Not sure if you've made a decision yet, but before you jump ship, I'd examine or consider cabling. I have the same set up as you (L2 & M1.2). The addition of Transparent Audio cables made me a believer. Sonic orgasm.
So, what was your final decision?
i still have lamm amplifier.