Lamm M1.1 hybrid comparisons to tube amps

I would like to hear from anyone that has experience comparing these amps to other high quality tube amps such as Lamm's own ML1. It is my understanding that these amps are supposed to have a very tube like quality but with the advantages of solid state.
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I can't speak for the ML1, but I have the M1.1 and I use to own the M2.1's and they are amazing! Liquid (no Edge) but with utter control (Bass control is outstanding -example the plucked upright bass strings, Drums). Watts mean nothing on these amps, as they control my Wilsons better than the 1000watts a channel my EAD PowerMaster 2000.

The only problem (it's my first Class A biased Amp) it can heat up my listening room 20 degrees in 45 minutes (it's only 10x12) and so I'm going to have an AC return put in the room to move the air! It's like a tube in that after about 15 minutes it's warmed up and you're ready for critical listening. Build Quality is outstanding! New tubes are only $50 from Lamm. Everything should come it Crates!

I'll post pictures to my system with the LAMM's on temporary amp stands this weekend
Thanks for your response cytocycle. I am considering these to replace some high powered tube amps. I like the crystaline you are there mid range that tubes seem to offer. My speakers require an amplifier that controls the lower regions. My current amp pretty much satisfies the requirement but I would be interested in changing if I could reduce the tube maintance,as my amps currently have 28 tubes, and retain the sound qualities that I like of tubes. I am sure that by your feedback as well as all the reviews I have read that the M1.1's sound very good indeed.
I own the 1.1's
They are the best amps I have ever heard. Having the Audiophile disease I have tried to find something better than these.
They sound better than Tenor, Audio Research, even the renowned Lamm ML 2's
They do it all right. Tight killer quick bass, wonderful fleshy mid bass, shimmering silky treble with no hint of glare
Stunningly good amps
I loved my Lamm M1.1s,but decided to go all solidstate with the In-Sound/Omega Mikro V amps.I have and am listening to the 10 w/ch prototype.It is out-performing the 1.1s.The V amp monos are 18w/ch :$7500.This may not be enough power depending on the speakers'impedance/efficiency.
If tubed are your cup of tea,try the VIVAs or VAC Standard 220s.I would opt out on the ML-1s,reports of amp fires have occured.The M1.1s hold their sonic character regardless of load.My only complaint is that the top-end is slightly laidback.
Tpsonic, what's this about ML1 amp fires? I've not heard or seen anything about them in any forums here or at AA (mine are working flawlessly).

Dmailer, I can't comment on the M1.1s, as it's been too long since I heard them, but the ML1's are quite special, among the two or three best amplifiers I've ever heard.
Reprince,one unit in CA. and one in TX.One smoked its' self in NY.Amps needed to be replaced with new units.Sorry for the delay in responding/My bad.