Does anyone have experience with this amplifier with Proac Speakers and either ss pre-amps or tube pre-amps. Basically trying to check the tempature of opinions on the pair of amplifiers.
I currently have these amp's in my home,they belong to a the 2 weeks that i've had them,they are buy far one of the best balanced amp's,i have heard,by balance i mean the treble,mids and bass.they are very extended and smooth on top,the mids are very warm the bass very tight and musical.associated gear:conrad johnson 16LS pre-amp, resolution audio CD50 cd player,montana eps speakers, cables:ANALYSIS PLUS.I also heard them with the proac 3.8 speakers,they really made the proac sing.this amp is worldclass,a bit expensive $16,000.00 retail.try finding a mint used pair at a good price,with the proper equipment you can't go wrong.good luck.
I own these amps. If you want amps that have the midrange and highs of the best tube gear along with the low end control and bass of Krell or Levinson these are the ones Wonderfully musical. Tonality and definition especially in the most challenging bass areas. You can differentiate all sorts of different bass. I am fortunate to be able to afford to put whatever sounds best into my system. I own the Lamm's. They SOUND the best.
I'm using lamm m2.1 monos with Martin Logan requests. ITs true they combine the harmonic fullness and balance of tubes with the transparancy control and attack of solid state I have no desire to "look for new amps" anymore By the way the lamm ll2 preamp is outrageous its a keeper too!