Lamm ll2 preamp vs Lamm l2 preamp

which from those two great preamps to choice connecting on lamm ml2's 18 watt monoblocks?
has anybody heard them in direct comparison?
which would be the strengths or netagitives of each preamp?
I have both.
The LL2 has higher output
The L2R is superior in the high frequency Area and Detail in general. Inside are better parts.
Both have strenghts only, no negatives.
The LL2 is a superior preamp for the money and a fantastic match with the ML2 /2.1
You won't go wrong anyway.
Thomasheising, have you ever heard personally, or heard by friends about First sound preamps, Nick Doshi Preamps and Messenger ones?
Are really so good as claimed .Which do you consider beeter?