Lamm LL2 deluxe, Herron VTSP3A, CAT SL1 MKIII

Looking for user information relating to any of the preamps: Lamm LL2 Deluxe, Herron VTSP3A, CAT SL1 signature MKIII
How would you describe their sonic character, pros/cons, etc..
Lamm at least I can say is a very versatile preamp. It is lively and dynamic (more dynamic than many usual tube preamps). It is not like audio research which gets into the solid state territory. A Lamm has a clear tube sound but with great dynamic range, full extension and lush tones. The sonic picture is very clear and 3 dimensional with a nice touch of neutrality. If at all there is a coloration it is a bit in the midrange which sounds a wee bit amber coloured compared to the likes of Wavac and Kondo.