Lamm LL2 Deluxe....

Assuming that this pre is in excellent condition, do you think $2500.00 if fair, or a little high since it is over 10 years old?
Seller says that there are only about 300 hours on it. Seems like very little for that amount of time, but he has good feedback and I have no reason to doubt. There are people who have multiple preamps and other things that I would drool over, who don't use them for one reason or another. I just wanted opinions on that price, assuming that it's nearly perfect as it seems to be. 
Maybe i bit high,but really it all depends on what others are willing to pay at any given time. I could have bought one 10 years ago for about 2500 and have been surprised that they haven't drifted down some since them.
Why I didn't buy then:  1) Out put was too high (for my set up); 2) No remote.

Actually, as of yesterday, the output is a concern for me too. I have one pair of speakers that are really efficient horns, and 2 others that are just average. The new version has a switch that lowers the output drastically, but it's way out of my price range. I don't care about the remote, and actually love the dual volume controls, as I have them on a different pre and use them as a balance control. 

I wonder how much of an issue the output would be. I can't turn up the volume much on my current pre, but it sounds good.

If David Karmeli weighs in, perhaps he could help. Maybe Vlad could add the attenuation switch. Worth finding out. Not sure what sonic differences exist between the 2 and 2.1
I've owned various Lamm gear over the years and have been very happy with it. Service and support has been great too, despite the fact that it is essentially a one man show (though Vlad's wife is terrific in coordinating things). 


My heartfelt thanks! I missed the obvious until you mentioned it. I just called Lamm, and spoke to his wife, and they can add the attenuation option for $245.00. He will also give it a thorough going over for another $120.00.

Thanks Again, John

Stereophile has an in depth review of this component and based on their review, and having it paired with an amplifier with a "normal" input impedance, e.g., higher than 20K ohms, I personally would not hesitate to own this  LL2 for $2500. A comparable quality tube preamp in the used market would demand a higher price.
Yes, most seem to agree that it's a very good pre, and well balanced overall.
Rox- glad that worked out for you. When I bought my Lamm gear, all used, I had Vlad go over it. He didn't charge much to replace a few parts on the amps, and updated my line stage- the L2- to the then current spec. They are very nice people- Elina is really terrific at getting stuff done, and if you catch Vlad, he can be charming as hell. All the work is done in a small residential duplex in Deep Brooklyn. Until recently, I lived in NY, so we'd drive stuff over for repair or a check up. (I had Vlad go over my amps before I moved, to avoid the burden of shipping from Texas). 
Good luck with it. I'm sure you'll be pleased, and if not, there is a solid market for Lamm products. 
Price looks pretty fair to me, especially since folks seem to be asking about a thousand more for a 2.1 version.  I'd jump at it if I needed a preamp--I think it would handily beat anything out there at that price..  The dual volume controls are a great way to replace a balance control, too.

I bought the LL2, and had it shipped directly to Vlad in Brooklyn. He can't add an actual switch on the front panel, but he can permanently lower the gain, which is fine with me because I will never need it to be high.

He is really nice, and started working on it right away. He's going to give it a thorough going over and change a few electrolytics etc.

Thanks again whart.