Lamm LL2 and Joule LA-150 comparison

I'm in the market for a preamp for a Berning ZH-270. I've heard that LA-150/ZH-270 is an excellent match; as well as the CAT SL1/ZH270 combination. What about the Lamm LL2? Any opinion?


Getting the ZH270 has crossed my mind many times! I own a CAT SL1 pre right now.
Can you please share your experience of the CAT SL1/ZH270 sound? Thanks!

I'm in exactly the same position as you... I have been advised by a few ZH-270 owners that the Joule is the way to go, but I too would love to hear any views on the LAMM LL2 and ZH-270 combination.

Well, never listened to Berning, but after listening to a LL2 with NOS tubes I sold my Aesthetix Callisto Sign.
What is ZH270 ?
Thanks - please include web site
The ZH270 is a David Berning amplifier.