Lamm ll2.1 a microphone???

This wonderful preamp is sooo sensitive that it even pics up conversation in the room and feeds it through the speakers. 

Could this his be a tube problem?

I've experienced something like that with a loaner phono stage that was using Telefunken triple mica tubes. If I lightly moved my finger across the case, you could hear the drag of my finger through the speakers. I own a similar phono stage without those tubes and without the microphonic effect.

Hmm. I also get the same effect. 
The slightest touch to the chassis or volume knob is picked up very clearly. 

I even picked up symposium roller blocks to see if that would help. 
It's the tubes, unfortunately.
Didn't have this issue with my LL2 Deluxe that I owned a few years ago but my LL2.1 Deluxe brand new right out of it's crate had the issue and it was a problem with one of the tubes, switched it out and all was fine and have had no issues for the 18 months I have owned it.
A tube issue is music to my ears...
hate to think it might be something else. 
I'll do a tube swap and see how it goes. 
argon66 did you get your problem solved/identified?
Hi tooblue. 
Ordered them and waiting for shipment. 
Went for some Mullard cv4003 and Russian NOS 6h23eb's. 
Cant wait to try them. 
Please post when you have the issue in hand and good luck.
Sorry for the delay but the tubes sat at Canadian customs for far too long. Grrr.
Anyway I did a total tube swap and what a major difference. Even if tubes test well it doesn't mean jack in terms of overall performance. I have a tester and all my old tubes tested great but were noisy and one for sure was microphonic (picked up everything in the room including voices). 

I went for nos Mullard cv4003 and nos Russian 6h23p eb tubes. All are dead quiet by comparison. No microphony, lower noise floor. You just can't trust test results. 

I also tetubes my zesto phono stage stage with new gold lion 12ax7's. Very nice. Had sovtek lps tubes which I like but just couldn't a get super quiet quad.