Lamm Hybrid amplifier owners: 2 questions for you

I am about to take possession of a pair of used Lamm M2.1 amplifiers.

I have two questions for owners of Lamm amplifiers, particularly, models: M1.1/M1.2/M2.1/M2.2
(However, if you have another type of Lamm amp and wish to contribute, feel free!)

One, what power cords have you found to work best for these amplifiers?
(I am leaning towards the VH Flavor 4, as I have heard good things about them, and they are relatively cheap - assuming you consider $500 for a pair of power cords cheap!)

Two, which tubes have you had the greatest success with these amplifiers?
(I would not mind getting a little bit of the tube bloom in the mid-range, but I don't want to give up much in the way of the frequency extension on either end though.)

Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated.

The best PC I've found on these amps are the Jena Labs One which retail for $1800. Second choice would be the Elrod Signatue 3. Around $500 used, I would assume Elrod EPS 3 to be good a good match. For tubes, the Amperex 6922 PQ white lable made in US or Holland will definitely add bloom. My favorite is the Amperex Pinched Waist and Telefunken CCa which increase resolution significantly over the others.