Lamm electronics and Sound Lab

I am considering buying either the Sound Lab A-1 or M-1 speakers. Can anyone tell me if they would be a good match with the Lamm 1.1 amps which I now have. Mike
Bad idea I'd say Mike, those 'stats needs gobs of power from a standard SS or tube amp, OR a high-powered OTL amp. I'd stick with the Lamm amps and look for compatible speakers rather than the other way around. Kharma, Verity, and ProAc would be three superb starting points (IMO).
I agree with the above post. I own the Lamm's and they are so darn good. You will lose alot of that wonderful fleshy bass and mid bass from the Lamms with those elecrostatics. I tried a pair of A-1's with my Lamms and I was very disappointed. The dynamics from the amps disappeared. I am now using the Talon Audio Khorus'. Good luck
Check out the Wolcott amps. A lot of Soundlab owners have said these are the best match. the price is right also
I disagree with Dkuipers. I would find speakers I like and build a system around them. The Sound Labs are marvelous. They sound great with the Atma-Sphere MA-1 or MA-2 OTLs as well as the Viva SETs. None of the speakers he mentioned have the same charcteristics as the Sound Labs. As a matter of fact, I think Albert Porter has a pair of MA-240s for sale at a steal. He was using them to drive the Ultimates. Good luck! BTW, If you are not going to sell your Lamms you could at least respond to emails.
Everyone knows I'm a huge Soundlab fan. So, It should not come as any surprise that I would recommend them as your first and ultimate choice in a speakers. As far as the Lamm, I just was at an (ex) Fi Magazine guys home in CA. And got to hear the Lamm ML1 and the new VTL 750 amps in his system. Although he had a pair of new Soundlab M-1 speakers on order, they did not arrive there until the week after I returned home to Dallas. Undoubtedly he has now had time to audition both of these amps on the Soundlab. The Lamm with its ultimate purity, and the VTL, great quality with almost unlimited power. It would certainly be interesting to have him post here. I can tell you that his system is EXTREMELY high quality, and if he says the Lamm is enough for the Soundlab, I would believe him. Jtinn is right about my using the Wolcotts, and they are remarkable for sure. I would not discount the possibility of the Lamm though, having just changed from the Viva 845 (24 watts) in my own system. Although they (the Viva) were (in retrospect) not enough power for my system, the room size will play a huge role in this decision. You are free to write me directly, or post openly here at Audiogon. Best to you!