Lamm 2.1's on Wilson W/P 8's a good match?

I saw two of these pairs at CES and lots of great talk about the Lamm 2.1's. I have W/P 8's and a very opportunity to pick up Lamm 2.1's. I owned AN Ankoru mono amp's before this. Should I go for it? I would especially like to hear form owners of Lamm's, Wilson's and those with close experience with them. BTW: the W/P are 92dB and an easier load to drive than their predecessors.

"GerryM5's Music System" in Virtual systems. For some reason I could paste the link.
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At CES, we provided the source components (Metronome Kalista transport/C2A DAC and Gaia turntable w/Graham Phantom/Miyabi cartridge) feeding the Lamm 2.1 driving WP8 speakers.

No problemo driving the WP8 and the system sound was abolutely glorious - better than any Wilson speaker I've ever heard.
I just picked up a pair of Lamm M2.1. They are now driving my Thiel 7.2. 7.2 gets down to 3 ohm and at 86db. The M2.1s are having a easy time. I changed the tubes to taylor the sound to my liking. The original tubes sounded too lush for me and a bit thick on the upper bass region. The tubes I am using now make the Lamm sound way better. I have yet to explore other premium tubes.

Lamm makes very good amp; no doubt about it. Huge soundstage, deep powerful bass, extended and smooth high, extremely detailed, quick transient and slam. Image size is very realistic. I think the Lamm M2.1 is worth trying. For your W/P 8, M1.1 is also an excellent choice.