Lamm 1.2 ref or tenor 175s

I have kharma midi exquisite speakers. I am considering an amp change. The two amps I am considering are the Lamm 1.2 ref mono blocks or the Tenor 175s stereo amp. Does anyone have experience with these 4 way Kharma speakers ( or any Kharma speakers) and either or both of these amps. I would appreciate your experiences with these amps and recommendations. Both supposedly go well with my speakers. Tenor has had past issues which I am told have been resolved. Also, Lamm apparently makes very nice amps. Does anyone have an opinion as to which matches up the best with the Kharma Midi Exquites?
I have not heard the Tenor 175s stereo amp, so I have no opinion on that amp at all. And I have heard the Lamm amps with the Kharma speakers at stereo shows a few times, and they always sounded good.

The Lamm M1.2 is about as good as solid state gets. (Technically it is a hybrid amp, with one 6922 tube in each monoblock, but basically it is solid state.) Also, if you do get these, make sure to get some nice NOS tubes, (some nice white label or orange globe Amperex tubes will not set you back too much), and they will make a significant difference to the sound. These amps are so good, that they rival the very best tube amps.

And speaking of tube amps, the VAC Phi 300.1 (150 wpc) stereo tube amp is the absolute best high powered tube amp that I have ever heard, and the one that I would recommend that you put on your list. The mid-range is incredible, (a very nice touch of tube bloom, without a hint of bloat), and the treble response is the best I have ever heard in any amp, bar none. The bass response is very, very good, (as good as I have ever heard from a tube amp), and nearly as good as the best solid state amps.

Picking between the Lamm M1.2 and the VAC Phi 300.1 is a toss-up. The Lamm has better bass response, (and quicker initial attack on percussive instruments), and is a bit more neutral sounding, whereas the VAC has slightly better mid-range and treble response. Six of one, Half a dozen of the other. (In fact, picking between them might merely come down to whether your current stereo setup, (i.e. your cabling), is configured for monoblocks or a stereo amp.) Both would sound incredible on the Kharma speakers, IMHO.

Good Luck in your search!
LAMM/Kharma/Purist Audio cables - always a great match.
You are lucky to be able to have it.