Lamm 1.2 mono's versus Aesthetix Atlas mono's

Both of these amps are available on Agon for about the same price ($10,000). I would use them to drive Martin Logan Summits (if it helps check out the rest of my system). I am currently using Rogue M-180 amps. Anyone using either of these amps to drive Martin Logan speakers? Any general opinions about one amp versus the other are welcome. To answer the frequent follow up question of, "what are you trying to achieve?" better sound, you don't know what you don't know until you try. Thank you
I can't speak well to your direct question, however I have traveled a similar path. Three months ago I changed from Rogue M180 mono amps to Aesthetix Atlas stereo amp. My preamp is the Calypso Signature. I am also running the Aesthetix Rhea for phono. My hunch was to stick with Aesthetix as I have learned that I prefer a hybrid/solid state amp with good current to get a tight grip on my speakers. With that said our speakers couldn't be more dissimilar. I am running small monitors, however the balance, finesse and detail that have bloomed are light years from where I was prior to the amp change. Ultimately I have concluded that the Calypso was just not a great fit for the Rogue amps. My encouragement would be to heavily consider the Atlas, unless you do not see staying with the Calypso long term. Take all of this for what it is worth...I am a resent convert to the synergy ranks of brand consistency in the amplification chain.
Thanks for you response it is very helpful. I think I will start looking for a used Atlas stereo the mono's are a little pricey. Did you upgrade from standard to signature calypso, if so what were your impressions. Is your Atlas standard or signature. If you prefer you can respond via email at [email protected] Thank you