Lamm 1.1 w/ FIM cables

Has anyone tried the new FIM Gold interconnect and speaker cables with Lamm 1.1 monoblocks and the Lamm L1 preamp.
Thanks for your input!
Tgraffair- I don't have the Lamm, but the FIM Gold power cords and speaker cables are a revelation on my modified Cary 805c. Good luck.
A buddy of mine runs an all-out FIM cable system on his Lamm 2.1/Avalon/Wadia components with remarkable results. A layering, depth of soundstage, and removal of grain not previously heard with other wire. I have begun to convert to FIMs with CAT amps. The power cables and speaker wire are working out very well.
I have the M1.1's and I am delighted with their performance with the stock cables...I have a synergistic master reference squared going to my A/R Ref 2 Mk 2 and I am amazed with the flow thru difference it made to every component in my system. I would love to hear more feedback on upgraded cords for the M1.1