Lamer questionDVD + A/V receiver + STEREO amp + CD

I don't know how to connect everything... Help!

I have CD player connected to Rotel Stereo Amp and Mission speakers. It sound nice. Now I'd like to buy cheap A/V (DTS Pro Logic etc.) receiver and
1. connect tuner from this receiver to my rotel (how?)
2. connect dvd to receiver and receiver to Rotel. I'd like to have rear left, center and rear right connected to receiver but 2 front speakers to Rotel (is that possible?)

What kind of receiver it has to be?
Sure - most any decent receiver will do what you want. Just need to make sure the receiver has pre-out for the front channels to use the amp. You can use the level controls for the center and the rears to balance with the front output level at normal theater listening level. Tuner is usually connected via the same two front channels with the the receiver set in 2CH mode for tuner... The issue may become that you will have to pass the CD sound through the receiver or swap cables... Depending on the rest of your system - may not be a huge issue.... Please define "cheap" and I will provide my suggestions for the $$...
Your receiver will have inputs -- you will connect your
CD player and DVD player to those.

Your receiver will have outputs to the amplifiers --
you will run cables from those to your amps.

If you like the DACS in your CD player, find a receiver
with an analogue "pass through" which will let you pass
the CD players signal through it undisturbed.

Or, if you continue to stay with stereo -- and you want to
run your CD player directly to your amps -- check the back
of your CD player and see in you have inputs where you can pass the receiver through it instead. Get a slightly
corrupted signal for your DVD player and tuner instead of
your CD player.